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Maxine Faulkner
We Are:                               
Tess Coggin
  • Smart 

  • Discrete

  • Enthusiastic

  • (Good at our jobs)

  • ​Flash

  • Slap Dash

  • In it for the Cash

  • (Good at poetry)

Max worked for 10 years at AMV where she was a Board Account Director. It was while there that she first met Tess. She worked hard, learned loads and met a lot of interesting and talented people along the way. Now married with two kids she understands what hard work really is. Determined to put the skills she learned at AMV (and MCBD, now Dare) to good use she set up Speckled Frog with Tess.

Frog-like attributes: Heightened senses ideal for seeing in the dark. Excellent hunter.


Tess has worked in a variety of London’s top agencies – from small independent start-ups, such as Karmarama when they first launched, to large multinational network agencies such as AMV.BBDO and FCB.  She credits that, as well as her background in career coaching, and general nosiness about everything, for her passion for match-making people with jobs.

Frog-like attributes: Small, agile and highly sociable.

We Are Not:                               
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